Michael Ki's Baptism

Eileen and the Old Lad wait to enter the church.

The service begins.

Michael is blessed.

Michael is anointed.

Michael is baptised.

Elaine dries Michael after the christening.

Behold the light of the world.

The chrismation begins.

Michael is confirmed in the faith.

The chrismation is concluded.

Michael receives the Eucharist for the first time.

Michaelis carried to the alter.

The procession continues.

The song of Simeon.

"Now Lord you have kept your promise and you can dismiss your servant"

Alec and Charles are impressed by the ceremony.

Father Ron, Deacon Daniel and the Paks.

The godparents join the picture.

The grandparents our next to join in.

Everyone gets into the picture.

Mrs. Pak holds Michael.

The Paks with Grammie and the Old Lad.

Ki's family

Colleen's family.

Baptised, Chrismated and Communicated.