Marie's Baptism

Marie's rests for her big day.

Meet your godmother.

The start of the dressing process.

Stepanie puts on the slip.

Next the gown.

Fastening the buttons.

The booties

Looking good !

Finally the bonnet.

All ready for church.

forming an honor guard?

Father gives the introduction.

Everyone listens intently.

Reading the gospel.

The anointing with oil.

The baptism

The anointing with chrism.

Receive the light of the world.

Remember you are the first teachers.

Chrissy receives a blessing.

Rich receives a blessing.

A blessing for everyone.

The main participants.

The godparents

Godparents and parents

Rich, Chrissy and Marie

A family portrait.

The KIngs with Mom Mom and Pop Pop.

Steve's family was also there.

All the grand parents.

Grammie and the Old Lad with the Kings.

Pop Pop Pop with the Kings.

Pop Pop Pop, the Kings, the Paks and the Keers.

The Robins with the Kings.

Pop Pop Pop with the greatgrandchildren.

Everyone gets together.

Marie gets a moment to herself.

Tommy welcomes everyone into the house.

The baby up the mountain cake.

A classic.